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String Tamer™ GII
  • Still made of aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Still stops your string with the softest, most resilient cushion on the market
  • Still gives you the advantage when that buck comes into view
More dampening power means ultimate silencing power!

You can mount the Rear model at the rear stabilizer bushing. The Rear Mount StringTamer® will shrink as small as 4.25 inches and stretch to a full 8 1/8 inches. You should measure that span on your bow to ensure this model will fit appropriately.

The Front Mount StringTamer® stretches out to 11 inches at its farthest reach, and just to be certain it will fit, you should measure the distance from the front stabilizer bushing to the string. The mounting block includes a quick-disconnect for attaching your stabilizer.

For both models all the hardware you need is included in the package, as are instructions and string serving. The rod on either model may be shortened and the black cap replaced to give a finished look.

 Quiet your shot.
 Reduce hand shock.
 Eliminate string slap.
 Allow you to remove speed robbing string mounted silencers.
 Help increase your accuracy.

StringTamer® GII
Strig Tamer GII
Lighter, sleeker, sexier... and quieter. We've redesigned the StringTamer®, giving it a high tech design while paying close attention to the details.
Front Mount

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Rear Mount

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